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Monday, March 25, 2013

Various Attractions That Could be Found on Gunung Gede

Various Attractions That Could be Found on Gunung Gede

You could find many interesting places to be visited in Indonesia. This country is known for its nature and its culture. You could find various places that have beautiful landscape in Indonesia. Some of them are even located on places that might too difficult to be visited. However, these beautiful places are worth to be visited and might give you the whole new experience that you’ve never had before. One of the most beautiful natural beauties that could be found in Indonesia is Gunung Gede Pangrango which is located in Bogor, one of the major cities in Indonesia. Bogor is located on West Java, not too far from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Bogor could be accessed from Jakarta by using buses or trains. You even could drive your own car or use minivan that provided by your travel agent. Once you arrive at Bogor, you could just go to Pangrango National Park if you want to visit Gunung Gede Pangrango.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Camp Smarter With These Simple Hints, Tips And Ideas

Camp Smarter With These Simple Hints, Tips And Ideas

Going camping in the back country can be an exciting adventure, but basic preparations and knowledge can keep you comfy and safe.The tips and hints in this article provide useful advice will help your future camping trip a success.

Write down a list of all the essentials that are required before you go camping. This is particularly helpful if the campgrounds are in a remote location.

Bring a filter or tablets when you go camping. These tablets will turn any water and need an additional resource.Try the tablets at home first so you know how they will taste. You don't want to become dehydrated while you camp because you don't like the taste of the water.

Some things to put on the list of items to pack are flashlights, matches, matches, flashlights and toiletries. No one wants to answer nature's call in the dark, so matches and flashlights are really useful tools. A hat is necessary to block the sun from harming your head, and toiletries are necessary to keep you clean.

If you are using an RV at a crowded or public campsite, make sure you turn your lights off or have them on timers. Some individuals may leave their outdoor lights on all night. This serves no purpose and will only serve to disturb others on the campsite.

You should leave your car or basecamp without a cell phone that's fully charged. You might want to bring a couple of extra batteries in case your original runs low. Your cell phone could be the best piece of emergency equipment you have so make sure it doesn't die on you.

These items can make your spirits!

Waterproof matches are an absolute essential part of any camping survival kit. Use an airtight container to hold the matches. You could also can create waterproof matches yourself by coating them with nail polish or paraffin. You can also make a carrying case for matches by putting them out of a 35mm film canister or a medicine bottle made out of plastic.

Clean out your campsite before you finish camping. You should have trash bags for this purpose. Make sure you pick up any food that you have as well. The only thing that should be left behind footprints.

A 'jungle breakfast' can be a great way to add excitement to your trip.Tie to the trees small boxes of cereal, juice boxes, and juice boxes. This is a wonderful way to bring excitement to the whole camping trip.

Check out what the weather before leaving for your destination. There are countless websites that can tell you with this information. This will help you prepare for severe weather conditions.

A first aid kit is absolutely essential to any camping trip. The kit should be well stocked in case an accident does occur. Your kit for first aid should contain painkillers, bandages, bandages, snake bite treatments and wound dressings.

Make it a point to properly prepare your flashlight when you have charged flashlights for the trip. It is all too easy to accidentally switch and turn your flashlight on when you are digging through your bag. Keep your flashlight in backwards. This prevents accidental switch nudges so that they will ensure it is ready for use when needed.

If you're going to camp somewhere where dangerous animals reside, you need to double up your precautions when it comes to food. This can help you to prevent an attack.

Take some things with you to entertain yourself while in the wild.

If you have never been camping in the forest before and are thinking about doing so, there is something you can do quickly to get an idea of whether you will like it. Set up your tent in your backyard and sleep there overnight. Don't go into the house for anything. If that is easy for you, you might enjoy camping.

Don't leave piles of trash after you've completed your campsite dirty.

Pack carefully and smartly. Create a list of what you're going to be bringing along and check each one off while you're packing them. This is very important if you are camping in some remote and has limited access to first-aid items or any other emergency assistance.

When you are planning a long trip, pack activities to entertain during downtime. Try to limit the number of electronics you take and instead bring a book, enjoy the outdoors and only bring a radio or a book for those evenings sitting around the campfire.

You should always need to have your shelter prepared before darkness sets in. If you are without a tent, making a shelter for the night is a lot easier when the sun is shining.

You may find a tube at most sporting goods stores if your tent did not come with any. This will keep any critters and rainwater from getting inside your tent.

There may be spiders or bears that could pose a threat. Every camping spot has its own dangers.

Duct tape is a handy item to pack with you on any camping gear. It is as useful while camping as it is at home. You may need to patch up a piece of it on a leaking air mattress. It can also fix up a tarp, sleeping bag, and even sleeping bags. You can even put some under your feet against blisters while hiking long distances by putting duct tape on them. It may also be used as a bandage.

Dryer lint makes wonderful kindling for starting your campfire. Collect the lint from your clothes dryer and store it in a bag a few weeks before you go camping to prepare for this. Hang up a plastic bag beside your dryer and toss the lint in it. This is a good way to have kindling and leave when it is time to go.

When you are prepared for the trip, you will enjoy camping much more. When you use the information laid out here, you will have a more relaxing trip because it is safer, and you will know you possess the skills to handle anything.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Visiting Mount Bromo

Visiting Mount Bromo: The Active Volcano Mountain in Indonesia

Indonesia is a great country with its various beautiful natural destinations to visit. For your reference, you can just go to Mount Bromo to get the beauty of natural destination in Indonesia. Mount Bromo is an active volcano mountain located in Tengger. Before enjoying the beauty of the volcano mountain, you can enjoy the outstanding sea sand along the road. The characteristic of this mountain is on the top of the mountain itself. In this case, you will see that the top of the mountain has been blown off because of the eruption. Because of the blown, you can also see a crater in the mountain. Probably, you will smell something when you are enjoying the top of the mountain. Actually, it is the smell of sulfur smoke. For those who don’t want to walk around the sea sand, you can also ride a horse. Definitely, you have to spend your money to hire a horse.

It is a common thing if you don’t see much flora around the mountain. What you can see around the sea sand is causarina forest in which it is the characteristic of tropical flora. On the other hand, you can also see several mammal animals around the mount Bromo. For example, it is rare but you can see leopard, Java deer, marble cat, and wild pig. Commonly, you can also hear the sound of hawk and eagle there. Just prepare several items such as jacket, hat, and masker because the condition is dusty. The temperature is cool in the day and it becomes cooler at night. Even, the temperature can reach below zero sometimes. The best thing you need to capture is the sunrise and the sunset because it is very beautiful and it becomes one of the reasons why many visitors come to Mount Bromo. If you want to go to the Mount Bromo, you can use several public transportations. Those transportations are plane and public car.

The thing which you have to see when you are spending your time in Mount Bromo is Mount Batok. This mount is not active volcano and brown color makes it interesting to see. If you want to see something different, it is better for you to go there around full moon. This is because you can see the traditional ceremony held by Tengger people. The ceremony is known as Kasada. The people bring their goods to say thanks for the great harvest time. Don’t worry if you miss this ceremony this year because the ritual is held every year. Besides enjoying the great mount, you can also enjoy the fresh air coming from Madakaripura Waterfall. The location of the waterfall is in the foothill of Mount Bromo. There is a legend behind this waterfall and you can find the information there. Don’t forget to visit the Poten which is a Hindu temple in the park. The location is unique because it was built around the sea sand and you can see it clearly when you reach the peak of Mount Bromo. Definitely, you can just add this mount in your holiday destination list especially if you have a plan to visit Indonesia. 

White Crater in Bandung

White Crater in Bandung

Probably, you want to find different sense of Indonesia especially about the beauty of its nature. For your information, Bali is not the only place which can be visited during your holiday but you can also visit different area outside Bali. If your plan is to see the beauty of nature around Indonesia, you can just take Kawah Putih or known as White Crater as one of your holiday destinations. This crater is located in an area namely Ciwidey, Bandung.

Just like the name of the area, you can enjoy the beauty of white crater there. The crater itself was caused by the Patuha Mountain eruption. The white crater is opened for public especially for those who want to enjoy the outstanding scenery. What makes this holiday destination special is on the hot gas. You can see the gas by stampede the rock around the mountain. Definitely, you will smell the natural sulfur there. Actually, there are two ways to enjoy the beauty of Kawah Putih. First, you can just walking around the White Crater Lake and enjoy the whole outstanding scenery there. Second, you can just sitting around the shelters available there and enjoy the area around the shelter. Interestingly, you can also find several floras which are considered as rare species. Those floras are including edelweiss, a flower known as Cantiqi, a plan namely Lemo, and vaccinium. Cantiqi has a good smell, Lemo is useful to prevent venomous animals, and vaccinium is considered as a vegetation plan. Moreover, you can also see several faunas around the crater such as eagle, monkey, pig, and tiger.

The best part of this White Crater Lake is on the color of the water it self. It is very amazing because it seems that the water can turn into several colors. Actually, the color of water can be turned into green, blue, and brown. Furthermore, there is also an interesting area close to White Crater Lake and it is located in Ciwalini. This is the place where you can enjoy the fresh air while drinking a cup of fresh tea. This is concerning to the fact that you can enjoy tea garden. It is also possible for you to take a bath in a natural hot water which makes you relax. Just make sure that you are visiting this area in a cloudy weather so you can see the outstanding scenery. But, if you want to feel different sensation such as the cold sensation, you can just walking around the white crater area in rainy day. This is because you can see fog along with cold sensation. You don’t need to worry about the public facilities because there are several public facilities available there including toilet, food courts, and a large parking area. In fact, this area is very crowded in holiday season and you may try to visit this natural area if you have time. At least, you know that there is an interesting place to visit in Indonesia instead of Bali. Just enjoy the sensation and definitely it makes you relax and calm.