Wednesday, March 20, 2013

White Crater in Bandung

White Crater in Bandung

Probably, you want to find different sense of Indonesia especially about the beauty of its nature. For your information, Bali is not the only place which can be visited during your holiday but you can also visit different area outside Bali. If your plan is to see the beauty of nature around Indonesia, you can just take Kawah Putih or known as White Crater as one of your holiday destinations. This crater is located in an area namely Ciwidey, Bandung.

Just like the name of the area, you can enjoy the beauty of white crater there. The crater itself was caused by the Patuha Mountain eruption. The white crater is opened for public especially for those who want to enjoy the outstanding scenery. What makes this holiday destination special is on the hot gas. You can see the gas by stampede the rock around the mountain. Definitely, you will smell the natural sulfur there. Actually, there are two ways to enjoy the beauty of Kawah Putih. First, you can just walking around the White Crater Lake and enjoy the whole outstanding scenery there. Second, you can just sitting around the shelters available there and enjoy the area around the shelter. Interestingly, you can also find several floras which are considered as rare species. Those floras are including edelweiss, a flower known as Cantiqi, a plan namely Lemo, and vaccinium. Cantiqi has a good smell, Lemo is useful to prevent venomous animals, and vaccinium is considered as a vegetation plan. Moreover, you can also see several faunas around the crater such as eagle, monkey, pig, and tiger.

The best part of this White Crater Lake is on the color of the water it self. It is very amazing because it seems that the water can turn into several colors. Actually, the color of water can be turned into green, blue, and brown. Furthermore, there is also an interesting area close to White Crater Lake and it is located in Ciwalini. This is the place where you can enjoy the fresh air while drinking a cup of fresh tea. This is concerning to the fact that you can enjoy tea garden. It is also possible for you to take a bath in a natural hot water which makes you relax. Just make sure that you are visiting this area in a cloudy weather so you can see the outstanding scenery. But, if you want to feel different sensation such as the cold sensation, you can just walking around the white crater area in rainy day. This is because you can see fog along with cold sensation. You don’t need to worry about the public facilities because there are several public facilities available there including toilet, food courts, and a large parking area. In fact, this area is very crowded in holiday season and you may try to visit this natural area if you have time. At least, you know that there is an interesting place to visit in Indonesia instead of Bali. Just enjoy the sensation and definitely it makes you relax and calm. 

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