Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Visiting Mount Bromo

Visiting Mount Bromo: The Active Volcano Mountain in Indonesia

Indonesia is a great country with its various beautiful natural destinations to visit. For your reference, you can just go to Mount Bromo to get the beauty of natural destination in Indonesia. Mount Bromo is an active volcano mountain located in Tengger. Before enjoying the beauty of the volcano mountain, you can enjoy the outstanding sea sand along the road. The characteristic of this mountain is on the top of the mountain itself. In this case, you will see that the top of the mountain has been blown off because of the eruption. Because of the blown, you can also see a crater in the mountain. Probably, you will smell something when you are enjoying the top of the mountain. Actually, it is the smell of sulfur smoke. For those who don’t want to walk around the sea sand, you can also ride a horse. Definitely, you have to spend your money to hire a horse.

It is a common thing if you don’t see much flora around the mountain. What you can see around the sea sand is causarina forest in which it is the characteristic of tropical flora. On the other hand, you can also see several mammal animals around the mount Bromo. For example, it is rare but you can see leopard, Java deer, marble cat, and wild pig. Commonly, you can also hear the sound of hawk and eagle there. Just prepare several items such as jacket, hat, and masker because the condition is dusty. The temperature is cool in the day and it becomes cooler at night. Even, the temperature can reach below zero sometimes. The best thing you need to capture is the sunrise and the sunset because it is very beautiful and it becomes one of the reasons why many visitors come to Mount Bromo. If you want to go to the Mount Bromo, you can use several public transportations. Those transportations are plane and public car.

The thing which you have to see when you are spending your time in Mount Bromo is Mount Batok. This mount is not active volcano and brown color makes it interesting to see. If you want to see something different, it is better for you to go there around full moon. This is because you can see the traditional ceremony held by Tengger people. The ceremony is known as Kasada. The people bring their goods to say thanks for the great harvest time. Don’t worry if you miss this ceremony this year because the ritual is held every year. Besides enjoying the great mount, you can also enjoy the fresh air coming from Madakaripura Waterfall. The location of the waterfall is in the foothill of Mount Bromo. There is a legend behind this waterfall and you can find the information there. Don’t forget to visit the Poten which is a Hindu temple in the park. The location is unique because it was built around the sea sand and you can see it clearly when you reach the peak of Mount Bromo. Definitely, you can just add this mount in your holiday destination list especially if you have a plan to visit Indonesia. 

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