Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Burung Jalak Bali - Bali Mynah

The Story about Bali Myna or Bali Starling

The Leucopsar rothschildi or what mostly called as Bali Starling and the Bali Mynah are also has the local name called as the Jalak Bali. This type of bird is on the size of medium, and it is about 25 centimeters for the long size. The most popular of Bali myna is about the white stocky myna because of the crest on the drooping shape and the white color. This bird is also well known with the wings and tail on black tips, and this is the uniqueness which becomes the characteristic of this bird.
About Bali Starling

Another uniqueness of Bali Myna or Bali Starling is about the bare skin with blue color surround the eyes area, with the special bill on yellow color and also the beautiful legs on grayish color. The characteristics can be found both from male and female birds. This bird is on the same family with the Brahminy Starling and also the Sturnia, so the birds are almost the same with the Lord Rothschild from the British ornithologist. This Bali Starling commonly found on the area of Bali Island since this island is very well known as the place for species of endemic vertebrate include this Bali Myna.
The Uniqueness of Bali Myna
This Bali Myna usually fly away and spend most of their time on the tree tops, so they will only coming into the ground when they have to drink. Usually, the birds are flying together in groups or when they are about to eat such as worms, fruits, or insects. The population of this bird can be found on Small Island in Bali called Nusa Penida or the breeding site called Sibang. The females and males birds are always carry the food into their nest.

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