Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Macan Tutul - Panthera pardus

About the Panthera Pardus Melas or Javan Leopard

On the areas of West Java, people will always know the presence of leopard or Panthera Pardus which very well known with the beautiful fur on dominant light brown color with the dark spot motives. This kind of leopard also called as the Javan leopard since they are living on the areas of West Java, it is also called as Panthera Pardus Melas. The situation of this animal described as critically endangered and it is already announced since 2008 by IUCN. Actually, the population of this Javan leopard is only about 250 for the mature and it is already decreased nowadays.

The Info about Panthera Pardus Melas or the Javan Leopard
The area of Javan leopard habitat is only about 3,277.3 km2 and this is the reason why Javan leopard is becoming a rare animal in Indonesia. This animal is very well known for the beauty of spots with the dark black color and also the beautiful eyes with silver grey color. In some areas around West Java, it is also possible that people find out the all black coat leopard. There are some National Park as the best place for them to live around Java island, such as the Ujung Kulon National Park, Ceremai National Park and also Gunung Halimun National Park.
More about Javan Leopard
The best living area for this animal is on the tropical forest, the mountains or even on the deciduous forest and they are a good adaptable animals. On the year between 2001 up to 2004 there are about seven leopards which were identified on the area of Gunung Halimun National Park and the total population of this Javan leopard is around 58 individuals.  The daily activity of this animal is around 6 am up to 9 am and the late afternoons up to 6 pm. Their daily meal will be about Javan gibbon, monkey with silvered leaf and also the barking deer.

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