Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twelve-Weird Bird of Paradise - Cendrawasih bird

The Beauty of Twelve-Weird Bird of Paradise

Nowadays, it is important for people to recognize the most beautiful bird which called as Twelve-wired bird of paradise or Seleucidis Melanoleucus, or what people said based on the local name as Cendrawasih bird. This is the bird which on the size of medium and the approximate length is around 33 centimeters. This bird has beautiful velvet yellow and black color, and that’s why it is called as the bird of paradise because of the beautiful appearance. The beauty of male bird can be seen from the red iris, and the beautiful plumes on yellow color with the black bill on long size.
The Description of Seleucidis Melanoleucus
The uniqueness of this beautiful bird can be seen from the plumes which emerging the twelve blackish and also the beautiful filaments with the wire look. The female bird is having brown color and you can see the underparts with the beautiful black barred buffy look, this bird also has strong feet with the large size for the clawed on the beautiful pink color. This bird is on Seleucidis genus, and this is also the bird which is living on the area of lowland forest. The foods which mainly consumed by this bird are the arthropods and the fruits. The birds are commonly living on the area of Salawati Island, Indonesia and also the Papua New Guinea.
More Info about the Seleucidis Melanoleucus
The successful breeding for this bird can be found on Jurong Bird Park, Malaysia and you may find out the beautiful Cendrawasih birds everywhere in this area. This is the most intriguing type of bird with the beautiful appearance which can always make people admire it. You may also visit the area of Nimbokrang Papua if you really want to see the beauty of Twelve-wired paradise bird and the top birding guides will also help you to enjoy the beautiful view of this bird. 

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