Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice 2013: Lengthiest Day Of Year Begins Friday, July 20

The lengthiest day of 2013 is lastly here -- but this season, it comes with a perspective.

While the solstice in the north hemisphere typically drops on This season 21 -- and this season it will happen on that time frame at 1:04 a.m. EDT -- it will start on Friday, This season 20, for areas of the european U.S., according to the web page of the Clark Planetarium. Enough time of the solstice a887 black relies on your place on World and, as a impact, where you are in regards to the sun.

The summer time solstice happens when Planet's axis is the most angled toward the sun -- the place is known as "maximum axial point." As a impact of this particular alignment, the sun increases at its most northeasterly factor along the skyline and also places at its most northwesterly factor in the north hemisphere.

The solstice a887 black isn't the only big heavenly occasion this weeks time. Skywatchers are getting ready for the appearance of the 2013 supermoon, which is set to optimum This season 22-23 and provide the greatest, smartest heavenly satellite of the season.

Please deliver us your supermoon images this weekend!
You can twitter update your images with hashtag #HPsupermoon. Or, you can publish them straight to our "Supermoon 2013" slide show, which will be presented in our supermoon stay weblog on the night of Few days, This season 23.

We'll be gathering customer images from all over, and yours may be featured!

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