Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Komodo - Pulau Komodo

Complete Information about Komodo dragon or Varanus Komodoensis

The Varanus Komodoensis or mostly called as the Komodo dragon is a very large species almost the same with lizard. This species can be found on the area of Flores islands such as Rinca, Gili, and the Komodo Island itself. But, it is also possible to find out this species on the area on Flores, Padar and Motang. Komodo itself is also a species from the family of monitor lizard or Varanidae. So, this is the gigantic species of lizard which can reach the length around three meters. The very large Komodo may reach the weight up to 70 kilograms, and because of the unique giant size of Komodo, the islands where Komodo lives can be described as the island of gigantism.

The Komodo Knowledge
Komodo itself is a kind of gigantic carnivorous animal on the place that they are living, and they are the real representation for the giant varanid lizard which commonly found on the area of East Indonesia and Australia, and some people also describe it as megafauna. Even there are also the fossils of this animal on Australia which already living for more than 3, 8 years ago with the same body size of Komodo which exists in Flores. By the way, Flores Island itself also described as the island of megafauna and this giant lizard also become the species with high domination for the ecosystem in the place that they live.
More Info about Komodo dragon
The foods of Komodo dragon are mammals, the invertebrates and also birds and they also consume deers. The population of Komodo dragon can be found on the area of West Manggarai, and their mating time will be on May and August. The eggs of Komodo can be found on September, and there are around 20 eggs which lay on the big nest. The incubation time of the eggs are about eight months, and the young Komodo will be fully grownup after 9 years. They are the popular animal, and already come into the list of vulnerable animal under the authority of Indonesian law.


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