Monday, March 25, 2013

Things You Should Know About One Day Trip to Borobudur

Things You Should Know About One Day Trip to Borobudur

There are many travel destinations that you could choose in Indonesia. This country is known for its beautiful nature whether it’s a mountain, lake, or even a landscape. Indonesia is also known for many historical and cultural landmarks and buildings. You could find many buildings in this country that become symbol of its cultural life. One of the most famous historical and cultural sites on Indonesia is Borobudur temple. This temple is also known as one of the world’s great ancient monuments. It also stated by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. The site is located not too far from Yogyakarta, one of the major cities in Indonesia. If you want to visit this temple, you need to prepare several important things such as your digital camera, proper amount of cash and understand your route properly. You also might want to consider your clothes since you need to move comfortably around the site.

Go To the Temple
If you want to visit Borobudur temple, you could choose several different routes to get to the location. First you could use plane, especially if you come from outside Yogyakarta such as Jakarta or even other country outside Indonesia. If you’re from Jakarta, you could take direct flight to Yogyakarta. Several countries such as Singapore and Malaysia also provide direct flight to Yogyakarta. For those countries that don’t provide direct flight to Yogyakarta, you might need to take two flights, first you take a flight to Jakarta then you take another flight to Yogyakarta. Once you arrived in Yogyakarta, you might need to take several bus routes to get to the site since there is no direct bus route available that could take you from airport to the temple’s site directly. If you already find your travel agent in Yogyakarta, you could visit the temple’s site by using minibus which is less complicated than taking the bus route. You also could rent a car if you want to drive by yourself to the site.

Arrive at the Temple’s Site
Once you arrive at the Borobudur Temple’s site, you need to pay the entrance fee so that you could be allowed to enter the site. The amount of entrance fee that you need to pay is varying from US$8 to US$20 if you are non Indonesian visitor and Rp 30,000 if you are Indonesian visitor. You also need to know that you could get around the site only by walking. The site is open daily from 06.00 to 17.00. You could hire a guide for your tour if you could pay him for Rp 75,000 to Rp 100,000 per hour. You also required wearing Javanese traditional sarong during your visit to Borobudur temple. The main attraction on the site is definitely the temple itself. You could climb the temple to its upper part and you could take picture of the stupas and the wall reliefs. Make sure you are in a fit condition so that you won’t be exhausted while you’re climbing the temple. You also could visit museum that located on the site if you want to know the history of the site. There are two museums that could be found on the site, The Samudraraksa Museum and The Karmawibhanga Museum.  


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