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Endangered Species at Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai

Endangered Species at Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai

Indonesia is well known as ring of fire with so much active volcano is spreading out the country. Gunung Ciremai or Mount Ciremai is one of active volcano in Indonesia, located at Cirebon, West java. Although the word volcano sounds so scary since the eruption could destroy a very large area around the mountain and kill so many people, at the calm time of the volcano, the surrounding area is very stunning. Therefore, Mount Ciremai could be your next destination to visit Indonesia. You can grab your bag and prepare for intriguing hiking to the mountain.
The government of Indonesia has made Mount Ciremai and surrounding area as a National Park. When you search information about this national park, you may use term “Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai” as the official name in Indonesian words of Mount Ciremai National Park. Just like the other national parks all around world, Mount Ciremai National Park is there to protect endemic and endangered species around the area. When you plan to visit the national park, you need to cross your finger to see rare species that you may never see it anywhere else. Do not forget to carry a camera to capture the beautiful scenery.  

Mount Ciremai is Rich of Vegetation
Indonesia is tropical country so you can expect to see a tropical forest with tropical vegetation. When you come to Mount Ciremai National Park, you can see that the mountain is rich of trees. So many trees are there, including pines and fig trees. Especially in the wet mountain zone, in the south, you can see Castanopsis argentea, Lithocarpus elegans, Eleaocarpus Obtusus, Maranga denticulate, Moraceae, Theraceae, and more. In the north part, in a drier forest area, Litsea spp, Castanopsis Javanica, Pinanga javana, Pandanus sp, and more are grow there. If you go higher form this north zone, you will see a special vegetation belt dominated by Dacrycarpus imbricatus. 

Endangered Animals at Mount Ciremai
Besides the lovely scenery with trees and other tropical vegetations at the forest area, you can wish to see one or more endangered animals that live in this mountain. Mount Ciremai itself is an important area for bird and has some endemic bird areas. Visiting the national park allows you to enjoy a bird watching. Several vulnerable birds live in the national park are Java Hawk-eagle Otus angelinae (celepuk jawa), and Cochoa azurea (mungkal jawa). The other restricted area birds are there and not less than 18 species. Some of them have colorful feathers that will make you amaze to see the beauty and you will love to hear them sing. 
The other animals live in the mountain are including several endangered mammals such as leopards, deer, monkeys. If you are lucky, you can see Panthera pardus, Muntiacus muntjak, Trachypithecus auratus, Tragulus Javanicus, and Nyticebus javanicus.
Of course, it would not easy to see the animals in the wild nature, especially since the trails for hikers are made far from the area where the animals live so the animals will not feel threatened by human, and somehow, the animals could be dangerous for human as well. However, you will not regret your decision to visit the national park, since you will see the beautiful scenery that will create unforgettable memory.

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